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For sound advice on corporate law matters, you need the trustworthy corporate lawyers Sherwood Park trusts to stay in touch with ever-changing business trends. Whether you require assistance with trade name use agreements or guidance on mergers and acquisitions, the dedicated team at Spratlin Law Office will be happy to put their experience to work for you. Hiring a corporate lawyer will ensure your business’ legal rights are upheld during any complicated legal process. Without the expert help of a lawyer, you could be putting your entire business, your employees, and your livelihood at risk. Don’t take a chance. Get the legal advice of an expert corporate lawyer.


Spratlin Law office offers a diligent corporate lawyer in Sherwood Park, who can help individuals and businesses with a wide range of business/corporate legal issues. Our team will work with you and provide the legal representation your business needs. We have extensive experience in numerous corporate legal situations. Get in contact with us right away. Call Spratlin Law Office to book a consultation. For over four decades, clients have relied on us for:

Corporate advice
A corporate lawyer will be able to offer you sound business advice for nearly any legal situation your business may be in. Our team of lawyers will protect your rights and give advice to the best of their abilities.

Joint venture advice
Make sure you receive the advice of a legal professional before deciding on any joint venture agreement. Our team can help you decide if this makes legal sense for your company and whether or not your rights are protected within the agreement.

Corporate mergers
Corporate mergers are complex legal agreements that have many moving parts. A corporate lawyer in Sherwood Park will be able to help the merger go smoothly and ensure the process follows the letter of the law.

As with any large purchase, a lawyer should always be consulted before agreeing to the legal contract. Whether you are acquiring a new company or you are the company being acquired, we can represent you and give you sound legal advice.

Trade name use agreements
Our team of lawyers is experienced in the legal technicalities of trade name use. We can help you negotiate and finalize agreements about the use of trade names.

Partnership advice
Entering into a business partnership is a big step for a corporation. Consult with our team of corporate lawyers in Sherwood Park to get partnership advice before making this big decision.

No matter what type of legal advice your business needs, the team at Spratlin Law Office is here to offer you sound legal advice and representation. With over 40 years of experience, our team has become the experts to trust in the Sherwood Park area. We work hard for each and every client to get you the outcome you deserve. Get in contact with us to schedule an appointment to talk about your business’s legal needs.


We’re ready to listen to your issue.

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