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If you need legal representation, call the lawyers Sherwood Park has relied on for more than four decades: Spratlin Law Office. We have a dedicated team that will work to give you the legal advice you need during the process of your case. Our lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of legal services in Sherwood Park. Get the expertise of a professional on your side; Choose Spratlin Law Office to handle your legal matters.

We can protect your rights and freedoms in a variety of matters, including all of the following legal areas:

  Purchases and sales – Are you buying or selling a home? Make sure the transaction goes smoothly with a lawyer on your side.
  Developments – We can help you manage the legal end of your real estate development project with our deep understanding of the real estate market.
  Leases – Are you a landlord looking to draw up a lease contract between yourself and a tenant? Our team of lawyers can help you draft a lease to protect your rights.
  Mortgages – Make sure you fully understand your mortgage agreement before signing. Contact our lawyers for legal help in this area.
   Zoning – Our legal team can help you with the complicated zoning laws you may not understand. Let us get to work for you.
   Tenant/landlord disputes – Any disputes between two parties in a contract are best handled by lawyers. We can help you settle any issues between tenants and landlords.

You need an experienced legal team to keep your business running smoothly. Let our expert team handle your corporate legal matters, from mergers, company acquisitions, assets, and beyond.

Plan ahead, and let our wills and estates lawyer help you manage your estate and assets. Proper planning will ensure your estate is taken care of and handled as you wanted. We can help with the following:

   Enduring powers of attorney

  Personal directives

  Estate administration

Make sure you have the expertise of a professional on your side when drawing up any sort of binding contract. Our team of lawyers can help you create a contract to protect your best interests.


Whether you’re engaged in a tenant/landlord dispute or a zoning issue, our extensive courtroom experience will work in your favour. We’re experienced in litigation, cross-examination, jury trials, investigations, and discovery. Our team has the experience you need to adequately represent you in your court case. We will work hard to get you the outcome you deserve.

Call Us Today!

Contact Spratlin Law Office for a lawyer you can trust to handle your legal case in Sherwood Park. Call us today to schedule a legal consultation. Don’t give up your rights; have a solid lawyer on your side!


We’re ready to listen to your issue.

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