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estate lawyer explaining wills to senior couple

Have questions for an estate lawyer in Sherwood Park? At Spratlin Law Office, we can help. Wills and estate planning can be straightforward, but they need to be addressed thoughtfully to avoid undue conflict and stress in the future.

Think of a will as the best way to be heard in your absence. The document allows you to clearly express your wishes now with regards to the allocation of your estate after you are gone. Your family and beneficiaries will be forever grateful to you for having a clear will and testament to guide them through what can be an emotionally charged time in their lives. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Keep the details of your will and estate up to date to avoid confusion and delays later. Your state of affairs and desires change, and your will should reflect the latest situation.

  • Name an executor. This should be a trusted individual with judgment and tact who will administer your estate after your passing.

  • If trustees and guardians are included in your will, make sure they are crystal clear on the responsibilities those roles entail.

  • Select your beneficiaries thoughtfully.

Schedule family meetings! An overlooked aspect of estate planning is family meetings. Consider them to ease the transition and minimize the likelihood of conflict. You don't have to share the specific details of the will, but family and beneficiaries should know the broad strokes, including who are the executor, trustees, guardians and attorney(s).

  • Meetings help keep the details of your estate up-to-date and reduce the likelihood of surprises later.

  • They are ideal for communicating aspects of your estate plan, what may have changed since the last meeting, the roles and responsibilities of individuals and the schedule and location of the release of original documents.

  • Encourage dialogue! These meetings are ideal for sharing concerns before a death or incapacity occurs and emotional charge is high.

  • Not everybody has to be at every meeting. Where specific roles of key individuals need to be addressed, only those concerned need attend. Where the bigger picture is to be discussed, the larger family can be present.

  • Remember, clarity and transparency are crucial to avoid unwanted surprises later.

Looking for an estate lawyer in Sherwood Park? We can help. At Spratlin Law Office we have over 40 years of experience, which translates into unparalleled professional and friendly service for you. We are your choice for wills lawyers in Sherwood Park.

Elderly couple reviewing their will with their lawyer


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